Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stress ker?

Hari kedua bekerja lepas cuti raya...berapa kerat je kat office ni...boring betul... client hari ni ramai sikit la dari semalam..... kira ok la kan... member yg nak kawin minggu ni... nampak stress sikit tapi ok kot sebab masih boleh dikawal.....hihihiihi pening gak erk nak kawin ni....

Kerana kebosanan yang melanda... jadi aku jadi melawat blog-blog yang ada di alam maya ni.... dan satu rencana dari satu blog ni memang rasanya sesuai untuk bakal-bakal pengantin (B2B) malas nak terjemah dalam bahasa jadi copy dan letak bulat-bulat la kat blog ni... nanti leh g blog dia ye . http://yourstruly-norr.blogspot.com/ dan kepada empunya blog terima kasih diatas perkongsian ini....

1. The #1 People Who Will Stress You Out: Each OtherIt's true. No one can stress you out during wedding planning as much as your future spouse can. Of all the people involved in the planning, they're probably the one whom you'll most frequently need to make decisions with. It's probably also the most major project you've worked on together and so differences in issues like budgeting, organization styles, and even just taste level can suddenly become problems. And though they'll probably stress you out more, the only way out is to understand each others' need..it's not a 1 person's wedding..it's "our wedding" so compromise is the best answer of all.


2. Your ParentsOur parents stress us out for our entire lives, why would they stop now? Whether its complaining about money you're spending, wanting to be overly involved, having high ideals of what a wedding should be, or disapproving of your marriage totally, parents can be STRESSFUL. Here are some strategies:Early in the wedding planning process, get together to talk money, and discuss general initial ideas of when/where/style/size. Then try to avoid the pitfalls. Don't promise any thing you haven't first talked about with your fiance. Keep sight of your vision for your wedding; write it in large type next to the phone if necessary. Try to let your parents feel involved by asking for advice and giving them the tasks you don't need creative control of.

3. Well-meaning Opinionated Friends, Coworkers, and RelativesIt's pretty much guaranteed that everyone will want to know the details of your wedding and everyone will have an opinion. Listen to what they have to say, but with a grain of salt. Repeat this mantra: They are not the ones getting married, we are. If you listened to what everyone thought, you would have a mishmosh wedding that would not reflect who you are in the slightest. So you can consider what they think - they might have valuable advice for you - but don't let it sway you from what's really important to you. In the moment you can say, "Thanks so much for the advice! It's nice to have wisdom from people who've done it before. I'll add it to my "things to think about" folder!"

Idea No 3 ni macam terkena batang hidung kan..sebab saya ni memang suka dan kekadang terlalu memikirkan apa org kata nanti...sikit-sikit ala nanti orang akta...nanti orang kata... bila fikir balik betul juga... buat apa ye sibuk nak fikir apa orang kata...  jadi kena ada anjakan paradigma baru dalam diri.... :)

4. Divorced and Bickering Family Members
These people stress you out for two reasons:1) Who knows how they'll behave at your wedding? Sit down with them to say "I'm so glad you're coming to my wedding. I hope you can do me a big favor. You two fight so much, and I really want the focus of our wedding to be on love. Do you mind doing everything in your power to be civil just for that one day?" Remember, if they do bicker at your wedding, you'll probably be too caught up in everything else to even notice. 2) They can make marriage and family seem really unhappy and doomed to fail. So take time now to focus on yourselves.


5. The Stress of Pushy or Unresponsive Wedding Vendors
Vendors want to make money, so they'll often push more expensive products. But it's okay to say, "I need to stick to my budget. Can we stay with the basic option?" If you're still tempted, say firmly, "I love it, but I need to be strict about budget. Do you have any flexibility on the price?" Then rather than agreeing to it right away, say "I'll have to go home and see if I can move some things around and get back to you." At home, it will be easier to decide if that extra option is really necessary.For unresponsive vendors who don't return your phone calls quickly, politely tell them that you're concerned about promptness. Then it's 3 strikes: If they don't step up their game, it's time to find someone who has time for your business.

 Saya rasa vendor bukan masalah besar bagi saya...sebab saya bukan nya ada vendor pun nanti... paling kurang pon ada mak andam je..jadi takde lah stress sangat nanti....
Wah belum apa-apa lagi saya dah sediakan diri untuk menghadapi tiupan awal pra perkahwinan...huhuhuhuhuhuhu memang kelakar la ..ni semua gara-gara terpengaruh dengan persiapan rakan sepejabat.... huhuhuhuhuhuhu ok apapun kepada rakan sepejabat ku...selamat menghadapi dugaan pra perkahwinan ini ye.... dan chayok chayok.... Semoga segalanya berjalan lancar sebagaimana dirancang...aminnnn.....

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